Lucky Gacha Chapter 21

Episode 21 Spectators come up to verify my win. “Bro, that’s awesome!” “Why, thank you thank you.” He clapped me on the back of my shoulder. The shopgirls looked at me as they turned blue. (TN Note: It looks like the broke the entire staff of the shop this time.) “M-monster…….!?” “Lucky Monster…… so Luckymon […]

Lucky Gacha Chapter 20

Episode 20 “Jinta-sama, are you saying that you are able to win anything you want from the prize list?” “That’s what I said.” “Jinta-sama, I will give you some advice so that you do not disgrace yourself.” “I understand, are you alright?” Quina appeared to be set in her beliefs. Rifua, on the other hand, […]

Classroom Level Up Chapter 09

09. Level 13~ Physical Strength Recovery With the assistance of Claire and Charlotte, I kept on defeating pillings. Claire still needed the assistance of my ninja skills, but I felt that Charlotte was getting used to fighting in the dungeon on her own. While both girls were equipped with longswords, Claire’s was simple, while Charlotte’s […]

I’m still not Dead….

But I am still recovering from an operation that replaced a plastic hernia mesh and removed the infections that were caused by the mesh. I spent almost three weeks in the hospital after the operation, and about two months after the operation itself, another infection blew open, leaving two holes in my belly. After getting […]

Lucky Gacha Episode 19

I’ll go ahead and win as Quina suggested, the [SR Healing Rod]. We told Hii-chan to wait in the plains, and walked back to town. “Quina, wins in gacha don’t readily appear, and most pulls are trash.” “Ufufufufu. It sounds like Rifua’s luck is trash is probably what should be said.” “W—-who’s trash? Because I’m […]

Lucky Gacha Episode 18

“This is to get stronger quickly!” Quina struck a wall. On that wall—– was a prize list. She had led us to the local [Item Gambling Shop]. “Is there something here that could be of use? If there’s an item, it can be won in the gacha. I didn’t realise that there was such a […]

Lucky Gatcha Episode 17

  The next morning. I decided to have some armor made because the behemoth scales were supposed to be very durable. I’ve put the scales up for that purpose. According to the uncle at the armor shop, it should be ready in ten days. Because I was able to, I paid for the entire thing […]